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  3. Thursday, 04 October 2018

Years Active: 2008 - 2016, 2017

Description: One of the largest UK Bounce / Scouse / House forums ever created on the Internet. At one point, had over 6,000 active and registered members.

From The Site:

Welcome to Scouse-Nation

Based in United Kingdom we are here to provide you with a taste of what Music is really like! From to scouse, Makina, Nrg, ********, Spanish, and more, you'll find it all here at Scouse-Nation. On the forum we have everything including chatty members, Arcade, Shoutbox and a excellent choice of music from either live dj's or our very own auto dj. If your into Makina, Spanish, Trance, ********, scouse, Nrg and more ! Then be sure to drop by our forum and find out what's hot and what's not in the club scene. Membership is free so sign up today!

Because Scouse-Nation has a huge collection of music aswell as lovers. We provide you with the best beats from scotland down to london. The members on Scouse-Nation make it a great community with fun and chatty members aswell as the local djs mixing live on our very own radio.

Here on Scouse-Nation we have a wide range of this for the new and old members too do. The arcade, casino, shoutbox is a example of things to do while your music arrives. If you drop by our forum you'll find lots of great members of all ages willing to share their thoughts and discussions on music, Sports, Basicly everything.

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