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Lee Jones




About Me:
Hey all :) Music.... I love Playing it, love Mixing it and love Producing it. I started listening to it properly when i was around 13-14, Stuff like the old zone @ maximes tapes, Crickiters, Monroes, Wigan Pier, Uprising, Afterdark, The New Monkey, Colloseum, Hanger 13 etc. I listen to all different kinds of genres depending on what mood i am in, but when it comes to either a session on the decks or producing a track, i prefer Scouse House/Bounce/NRG, i prefer the older classics, but i do like some of the newer stuff, especially stuff from Kenny Hayes, I like certain Hardcore tracks, both happy hardcore & UK hardcore, Hard dance, Trance, Italo/Euro house (Some call it Venue music) Makina etc etc Basically any kind of Dance music lol. I started DJ'ing When i was 14, i taught myself on a pair of Turntables at a friends house and was hooked, so i got a set myself and started buying myself records. As the years passed by, i started to play a broad spectrum different genres and sub-genres. Eventualy i decided to get with the times and join the digital age, as a result i now collect music digitally, But before getting rid of my vinyl collection i ripped them all to a lossless format (WAV) using proffesional grade recording equipment at the old studio in town, i can tell you now, that took ALONG time, but was worth it. As a result i now have alot of tracks that are considered by some to be rare in this day and age, as not every track gets a digital release (Studio master copies) and some of the records were promo releases, or themselves rare. Eventually, i set about replacing all of the vinyl rips wth studio copies, some were available to buy online, released on CD, and some i either got on promo, or i asked the producers for tracks, and most were happy to help and sent the master copies over, which was sometimes good, because some of the tracks either only had a release on vinyl, or not at all, so having master copies of tracks that few others had meant that the tracks i played/play in my sets, are not just the same stuff that everyone else was/is playing. All in all, i have spent a lot of time collecting music, i do not think that there is a track i don't have a copy of in one format or another lol. Anyway, if you would like to know anything else or want a list of my music collections to arrange a swap, or you want a track ID'ing, or even just a chat, then send me a message or add me on Facebook (The link to my profile is below) :) Peace out :)
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