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This is an ongoing list of tracks (UK Bounce House Tracks) produced by Ash Mirrelson aka Oblivion Project / Redux. This is by no means a complete list of all productions made. This list will continue to be updated over time. Any links to tracks below have been authorized by the producer directly and are official links to the production. Enjoy!
Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Oblivion Project Remix)
Bood - Brap (Oblivion Project Remix)
Britney Spears - Gimme More (Oblivion Project Remix)
Brutal Beatz & Oblivion Project - Forever (Original Mix) 
Chase & Status - Time (Oblivion Project Remix)
David Guetta - The World Is Mine (Oblivion Project Remix)
DJ Fitzy & Rossy B - The Rain Song (Oblivion Project Remix)
DJ Fitzy & Rossy B - The String Song (Oblivion Project 2012 Re-Make)
DJ Fresh - Louder (Oblivion Project Remix)
Doop - Doop (Oblivion Project Bounce Remix)
Fred Swift - Don't Tell Me (Oblivion Project Remix)
Hyper On Experience - In Effect (Oblivion Project Remix)
Infected Bounce & Oblivion Project - Teardrops (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz & Oblivion Project - Lasting Light (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz & Sema - Sesh 1 (Oblivion Project Remix)
John O Callaghan - Find Yourself (Oblivion Project Remix)
Katy Perry - E.T (Oblivion Project Remix)
Klubbheads - Here We Go (Oblivion Project Remix)
Labrinth - Earthquake (Oblivion Project Remix)
LMFAO & Goon Rock - Party Rock Anthem (Oblivion Project Remix)
Oblivion Project - Acceleration Bounce Exclusive Megamix
Oblivion Project - Ass Fucked
Oblivion Project - Ass Fucked (Set Starter)
Oblivion Project - Assed
Oblivion Project - Bad Love (Original Mix)
Oblivion Project - Coming On Strong
Oblivion Project - Corruption
Oblivion Project - Don't Stop Moving (Original Mix)
Oblivion Project - Drop Zone
Oblivion Project - Ecstasy (Original Mix)
Oblivion Project - Fall Silently (Original Mix)
Oblivion Project - I Believe In Love
Oblivion Project - Just Another Fitzy Rip Off (Original Mix)
Oblivion Project - Kids
Oblivion Project - Leave The World Behind (Original Mix)
Oblivion Project - Look At Me (Original Mix)
Oblivion Project - My Life (Original Mix)
Oblivion Project - Pandemonium
Oblivion Project - Rebellion
Oblivion Project - Rush
Oblivion Project - Style De La Hard (Original Mix)
Oblivion Project - Swagga
Oblivion Project - Take Control (Original Mix)
Oblivion Project - The Longest Road
Oblivion Project - The Siren
Oblivion Project - The Test (Original Mix)
Oblivion Project - We No Speak Americano
Oblivion Project & Audio Controlled Freaks - Lizard (Original Mix)
Oblivion Project & Jack D - Standing In The Way (Original Mix)
Oblivion Project Feat Andi T - Rise (Original Mix)
Ocp - This Donks (Oblivion Project Remix)
Pitbull - Give Me Everything (Oblivion Project Remix)
Redux - Bitches
Redux - Booty
Redux - Brap
Redux - Breathe
Redux - Bulldozer
Redux - Deeper
Redux - Eastside
Redux - Flip
Redux - Get Down
Redux - Hands Up
Redux - Human Nature
Redux - In The Air
Redux - Invincible
Redux - Know Me
Redux - Let Me Love You
Redux - Like I Do
Redux - Love
Redux - Me
Redux - New Rules
Redux - Outside
Redux - Panic Room
Redux - Pon De Floor
Redux - Reverb
Redux - See The Light
Redux - Shades Of Grey
Redux - Show Me Love
Redux - The Middle
Redux - Vixaholics
Redux - Vyper
Redux - Warmth
Redux - With You
Redux - Without You
Redux - Wolf
Sema - Fire (Oblivion Project & Jack D Remix)
Sema & Oblivion Project - Big In Spain (Original Mix)
System F - Cry (Oblivion Project vs Brad D Remix)
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