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  3. Friday, 24 August 2018
Years Active: 2007-2009 / 2015-2016

Description: Online radio & forum site. Seemed disorganized most the years it was active on and off.

From The Site: Our goal with Ks, is to make it one off the best Online radio websites around. Our music policy is not restricted to one Genre of music, like most radio sites out there. At Ks we are constantly improving the Forum, with added new features and more games in the Arcade, All for your own enjoyment. Use the MSN invite System above ^^ to invite all your msn contacts in one go. Handy wee tool !! We now have over 700 Games in our Arcade. So plenty to keep you occupied. There are also tournaments on the go. Why not start one yourself. The Radio on Ks are in talks with a live outside broadcast company. We broadcast live on 20/2/09 with the help of LSO RADIO to whom we are now in talks with, to bring our listeners the best in outside broadcasting. Coming live from a host of venues our aim is to deliver all types of genre to our Ks listeners. It is Free to join the FORUM and plenty to do and chat about. Signing up is easy and will take you no longer than 5 min. As long as you input a valid email, you will be able to validate yourself via EMAIL. So come on in. Just follow the links above to navigate your way around the site.
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