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  3. Tuesday, 16 October 2018
This is an ongoing list of tracks (UK Bounce House Tracks) produced by Luke Hudson aka Intense Recordzz. This is by no means a complete list of all productions made. This list will continue to be updated over time. Any links to tracks below have been authorized by the producer directly and are official links to the production. Enjoy!
Benny Benassi - Beautiful People (Intense Recordzz & Akey Remix)
Bob Sinclair - Till The Sun Rise Up (Luke Hudson Remix)
BouncFX - Greece 2011 (Intense Recordz Remix)
Brad D & Intense Recordzz - Pushing Me Away
Brad D Vs Intense Recordz - Im Lost
Calvin Harris - We'll Be Coming Back (Intense Recordzz Mix)
Clubbasse F - Pumpingland (Luke Hudson Remix)
David Guetta, Martin Garrix & Brooks - Like I Do(Luke Hudson Remix)
DeadMau5 - Aural Psynapse (Intense Recordzz Mix)
DeeJay Laura - Real World (Luke Hudson Remix)
DeeJay Laura - Wonderland (Luke Hudson Remix)
DJ B Vs Phiasco - Rescue Me (Luke Hudson & Shad Side Remix)
DJ Neil - Save Me (Luke Hudson & DJ Juarre Remix)
Ethan - In My Heart (Luke Hudson Remix)
Fred Swift - Missing You (Jack D & Intense Recordz Remix)
Infected Bounce & Intense Recordzz - Take Me Higher
Infected Bounce Vs Intense Recordzz - On A Mission
Infected Bounce Vs Intense Recordzz - Rush On Me
Intense Recordzz - Mirrors
Intense Recordzz - Calling Your Name 2012
Intense Recordzz - Calling Your Name (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz - Chase The Sun
Intense Recordzz - Circus
Intense Recordzz - Days Like That
Intense Recordzz - Disturbia (Master)
Intense Recordzz - Euphoria
Intense Recordzz - Finished (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz - Fire (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz - Hudsons Halloween Ta-Huuuuuuuuuuuna (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz - Im Running
Intense Recordzz - Intense (Tez J Remix)
Intense Recordzz - Just Another Riff (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz - Keep Jumpin (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz - Lets Go
Intense Recordzz - Makes Me Wonder
Intense Recordzz - Neon Lights 2011
Intense Recordzz - New Life
Intense Recordzz - No Name (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz - NoBody Likes The Records
Intense Recordzz - Pickety Bop (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz - Raining
Intense Recordzz - Raining (Infected Bounce Remix)
Intense Recordzz - Satellite
Intense Recordzz - SheMale (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz - Someone Like You
Intense Recordzz - Sound Of Goodbye
Intense Recordzz - Throw It All Away (Infected Bounce Remix)
Intense Recordzz - Till The World Ends
Intense Recordzz - Wind Your Neck In (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz - Your Gunna Love again
Intense Recordzz & Infected Bounce - Fight For You (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz & Oblivion Project - Lasting Light (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz & Sema - Sesh 1
Intense Recordzz & Brad D - Shined On Me (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz Vs ATG Productionz - Keen On Disco
Intense Recordzz Vs ATG Productionz - Sound Of Goodbye (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz Vs Brad D - Russian Roulette
Intense Recordzz Vs Jack D - I Need You (Original Mix)
Intense Recordzz Vs Jack D - Lasting Light (Jack D Edit)
Intense Reordzz - Fine Day
Jack D & Intense Recordzz - Heat Of The Night (Original Mix)
Jack D & Intense Recordzz - I Dont Like You
Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Luke Hudson Remix)
Kev Rov & Intense Recordzz - Dance With Me
KlubbHammer & Cheeze - Equator Cutz (Luke Hudson Remix)
Linkin Park - Numb (Luke Hudson Remix)
Luke Hudson - Always Above You
Luke Hudson - Arcadia
Luke Hudson - Braveheart
Luke Hudson - Bring Me Down
Luke Hudson - Champagne
Luke Hudson - Come On Over
Luke Hudson - Doesn't Even Matter
Luke Hudson - Get Enough
Luke Hudson - Get Ready For The Colours
Luke Hudson - Goodbye
Luke Hudson - House Of Horrors
Luke Hudson - I'm Wasted
Luke Hudson - Ima' Let The Bass
Luke Hudson - It Hit Me
Luke Hudson - Live It
Luke Hudson - Live It (Bouncing Remix)
Luke Hudson - Side To Ghost
Luke Hudson - Son Of A Bitch
Luke Hudson - The Apocalypse
Luke Hudson - Tonight Is The End
Luke Hudson - Under Water
Luke Hudson - We Escape
Luke Hudson - We Run Thee Night 2015
Luke Hudson - Won't Let You Go
Luke Hudson - You Got The Love
Luke Hudson & Dario Rossi - Last Dance
Luke Hudson & Dario Rossi - Rules
Luke Hudson & Dj ChuChi - Mariposa
Luke Hudson & DJ Juarre - Turn Me Out
Luke Hudson & DJ Nesket - Bring Back
Luke Hudson & Dj Scouser - No Money
Luke Hudson & Infected Bounce - Castles In The Sky
Luke Hudson & Pascu - No Don't
Luke Hudson & Pascu Nesket - You Feel Me
Luke Hudson & Shad Side - And It Takes Me Higher
Luke Hudson & Shad Side - Rollercoaster
Luke Hudson & Shad Side - Static Electricity
Mike Williams - Another Night (Luke Hudson Remix)
Movin vs Intense Recordzz - 4 Ever & 1 Night (Original Mix)
Movin vs Intense Recordzz - No Fear
Post Malone - Rockstar (Luke Hudson Remix)
R2 - Past Tense (Luke Hudson Remix)
Reflex - Heaven (Intense Recordzz Mix)
Rhythm FX - Still Want You (Luke Hudson Remix)
Shad Side & Intense Recordzz - The Bass Thump (Original Mix)
Vincent Vik - Party Monster (Luke Hudson Remix)
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