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  3. Monday, 04 February 2019
Years Active: 2011 - 2014
Description: Radio station and forum for hard dance / makina / scouse. Maintained a low profile being online over the years. Also known as "N.E.R. Radio".
From The Site: N.E.R RADIO is a free internet radio site that was first launched in 2004 for hard dance genre lovers. The concept is that N.E.R will act as a platform for undergroundDJs and artists to share their sounds with a worldwide audience. By tuning in you are guaranteed to be tapping in to the latest underground musical trends and one of the largest electronic collections of hard dance, old skool trance and more.


We consist of a collective of time served DJs & producers that are passionate about their music. We hope that you enjoy our radio, become a member and join our musical knowledge. N.E.R delivers live radio streams plus reg free chatrooms And much more.

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