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Years Active: 2012 - 2013
Description: UK record label that released some bounce tracks.
From The Site: UK Digital Record Label! We specialize in many genres such as House | Trance | Progressive | EDM | Drum & Bass | Bouncy House | Pumping House and everything in between, so if you are unsigned, unknown or an up and coming producer then contact us today! We were established in 2011 and a fast growing label, with many signed producers on our books. Our main aim is to get the talented unknown producers music out there and known to the world through Bouncy Tunes Digital.
Upload or share any production that you feel that you think is eligible for the Bouncy Tunes Label, we will then get back to you. email them to demo@bouncytunes.co.uk.
Are You Looking to be signed by a Record Label, that will act upon your requests for DMCA / Copyright, Tag your Tracks Properly, Promote you and your track, Create the Artwork. Contact demo@bouncytunes.co.uk
Bouncy Tunes are a record label and digital music distributor within the UK providing Artists, Producers, Labels.
We also provide social media promotion and digital artwork to all types of companies.
If your looking to be signed to a Record Label take a look at what we offer here.
Address: Bouncy Tunes Ltd, 46 Enfield Ave, Grimsby, UK +44 (0)7714620675
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