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  3. Monday, 06 May 2019

Profile verification gives you heightened status on UKBOUNCEHOUSE.COM. Not only does your profile display as verified, you also gain complete verification and reassurance for other people to find and connect with you. Getting verified is free.


profile verification 1

profile verification 2


Profile verification is strictly given to professional UK Bounce Scouse / Makina DJ’s and artists only at this time and is done so at the webmaster’s discretion. If you would like to have your profile verified on UKBOUNCEHOUSE.COM, follow the steps below.


1. Complete the following checklist below and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Real name:

Artist / DJ name:

URL Link to your UKBOUNCEHOUSE.COM profile:


SoundCloud Profile URL:


Facebook Profile or Fan Page URL:


Please provide an official link to the following social profiles. We may contact you on there to verify your details. Only one link is required at this time. Please allow 1-3 days for processing. We will reach back out to you via email to let you know a decision. Thank you!

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