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This is an ongoing list of tracks (UK Bounce House Tracks) produced by Daz Inman aka Poomstyles. This is by no means a complete list of all productions made. This list will continue to be updated over time. Any links to tracks below have been authorized by the producer directly and are official links to the production. Enjoy!
2 Bald Men - Hits With No Errors (Poomstyles 2017 Rework)
Andy Mac & Poomstyles - Calling Your Name
BCD Project - Sweetheart (Poomstyles Remix)
Bo Bruce - U (Poomstyles Mix)
Brad Riffresh & Poomstyles - Feel The Fire
Breve & Harmonie - Power of Love (Poomstyles Remix)
Charlotte - Tell Me Where We Are (Poomstyles Remix)
Christina Novelli - Dynamite (Poomstyles Sample)
Club Enforcers Vs Star69 (Poomstyles Cheeky Remade Edit)
DJ Oskar - In My Life (Poomstyles Remix)
DJB & Pokyeo FX - Don't Now Which Way To Turn (Poomstyles Remix)
E-Wok - Go Back (Poomstyles Remix)
Footrocker Ft HJB - Waiting For You (Poomstyles Remix)
Galantis & Hook N Sling - Love On Me (Poomstyles Remix)
Groove Control & Poomstyles - Such A Feelin' (I Hate The Dentist)
Joe Longbottom - All This Love (Poomstyles Remix)
Lost Souls - Set You Free (Poomstyles Remix)
Lucid - I Can't Help Myself (Poomstyles Mix)
N-Trance - Set You Free (Poomstyles Minimal Mix)
Oceanlab feat. Justine Suissa Satellite - (Poomstyles Remix)
Poomstyles - A Little Instrumental
Poomstyles - Access 2017
Poomstyles - Blandit Symphony
Poomstyles - Bounce The Brute
Poomstyles - Bounce!
Poomstyles - Can't Get A Beat To Pound
Poomstyles - Can't Help Myself
Poomstyles - Cant Make The Beat Pound
Poomstyles - Concrete Angel
Poomstyles - Concrete Angel 2018 
Poomstyles - Cry From The Specials
Poomstyles - Dancing On The Roof
Poomstyles - Everyday WIP
Poomstyles - Failed Proposal
Poomstyles - Feel The Rhythm Flow
Poomstyles - Found Luv
Poomstyles – Give It What You Got
Poomstyles - Hold Up (Retro Mix)
Poomstyles - I Got A Love
Poomstyles - I Just Want To Say
Poomstyles - I Wonder Why Da Beat Pounds
Poomstyles - I'll Be There 4U Sample
Poomstyles - If I Were
Poomstyles - Jumping Piano Beats
Poomstyles - Let The Rhythm Flow (Engine Trouble)
Poomstyles - Lights
Poomstyles - Love Is Insomnia
Poomstyles - Mystery Land
Poomstyles - One By One
Poomstyles - Pipes
Poomstyles - Raindrops (Classic Remix)
Poomstyles - Re-Resurrection
Poomstyles - Save Me
Poomstyles - Shelter Me Sample
Poomstyles - Still Into You
Poomstyles - Take Me Away
Poomstyles - The Changed Groove
Poomstyles - The Dawn
Poomstyles - The Night Of Rhythm
Poomstyles - There Is No Other
Poomstyles - Think About The Vibe
Poomstyles - True Love Takes Me Away
Poomstyles - True Love Takes Me Away 2017 
Poomstyles - Who Wants To Live Forever
Poomstyles & HarryHard Feat. JFMC - On The High
Poomstyles & Riffresh - Feel The Fire
PowerHouse - I Got What You Need (Poomstyles Remix)
Ratty - Sunrise (Here I Am) (Starman & Poomstyles Remix)
Riffresh - I'm Your Light (Poomstyles Remix)
Shad Side - Say Somethin' (Poomstyles WIP)
Starman - 2 Luv U (Poomstyles Remix)
Starman & General Bounce - Strings For Yasmin (Poomstyles Remix)
Starman & JD Project - Under The Bright Sky (Poomstyles Remix)
Starman & Poomstyles - Every Little Time (S&P Full On Mix)
Starman & Poomstyles - Giv Me Luv
Starman & Poomstyles Ft Nikki - Beautiful Child
Starman & Poomstyles Ft Nikki - It's Real (Nitra M Remix)
Starman & Poomstyles Ft Nikki - Shine On (Star Citizen)
Starman & Semtex - Rush Hour (Poomstyles Remix)
Starman feat. Nikki - Waiting (Poomstyles Remix)
Starman ft Nikki - In My Dreams (Poomstyles Remix)
Suspex FX - Breathe In (Poomstyles Remix)
The KlubbHammer & Cheeze - Bamboo Bitches (Poomstyles Remix)

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