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Hi All, i have recently been trying to add some organisation to my collection of Wigan Pier and Bouncy house collection and i have noticed that Musicbrainz has some great features for finding the track name of albums without titles by using digital Fingerprinting.  I however noticed that the collection of Wigan Pier albums with digital fingerprints were incomplete and many albums  had wrong artwork or just simply dont exist.  I have spent the last few weeks adding digital fingerprints to the first 50 Wigan Pier albums and ive also added a whole load more compilations to the database (also with fingerprints).   I would like to ask anyone with a good collection to add your tracks to the Musicbrainz database and add digital fingerprints to the albums you have.  This will mean that you could point your untitled collection at musicbrainz and it will automatically find the correct tracks and title them correctly automatically.  All it takes is some time and some commitment but i think its well worth it.


If you would like to take part you can download Musicbrainz Picard MP3 Tagger for free for both Windows , Mac and Linux and start adding your collection to the database.  Lets try and preserve these great albums by organising them correctly with the correct metadata and album artwork.    


Thanks and I hope you all participate


here is a link to the free Picard Music tagger     https://picard.musicbrainz.org/downloads

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I think this is a good idea. 

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